Tichenor & Thorp Architects, Inc. (“Outside In”)

There seems to be a general trend away from slavish mid-Century modern and towards a softer, plusher and more handwrought modernist aesthetic, both inside and outside— a blending of the romantic and the machined: crafted modern. Simple pieces done in a handcrafted way: bronze hardware, Scandinavian ceramics and furniture, deeper toned woods, woven materials and organic shapes are making their way into interiors and exteriors.  Crafted metals such as bronze, brass and copper used in new ways for lighting and plumbing fittings and fixtures. More deep colors and woods are appearing as well.

We’re also seeing much more focused on bringing the outside in (shameless plug…maybe..) both with materials, textures and planting, and by really capitalizing on outside garden spaces by incorporating them into adjacent rooms. Outdoor furniture, fabrics, containers and accessories have some such a long way that it’s really possible to make outdoor living spaces have the same level of creature comforts as indoor spaces, but with the advantage of the sky as your ceiling and real flora as your wallpaper.Deeper, warmer colors  are also coming back: reds, oranges and deep metallic golds—along with deeper shades of green.

Using gold in interesting ways—such as on the ceiling—brings glamour and warmth to an otherwise more ordinary room.  Lavender also seems to have reappeared: another perfect color to bring the garden in.