The scribes behind fall’s must-have design titles share their California state of mind

Found in translation“This catalog and the LACMA exhibition (Sept. 2017–April 2018) of 255 pieces were created with contribution by an extraordinarily wide range of American and Mexican scholars. Such diversity of scholarship and objects was central to the overarching theme of ‘translations’ between California and Mexico, revealing how the two places are irrevocably joined.”


The Authentics

“Our vetting process for those featured in the book was: Are they true authentics and do they have a singular point of view? And nearly a third of those selected from around the world are from California—because being here nurtures authenticity! Two of our California subjects, Kelly Wearstler and Johnson Hartig, show different but complementary lifestyles—they both have that casual ease that epitomizes California living.”


A Place to Call Home

“The climate here means there is much more fluidity between inside and outside; it impacts the way you think about the definition of space and how you draw the line between architecture and landscape.”

GIL SCHAFER (Rizzoli New York, $55).

Intentional Beauty

“The light in Southern California is sublime, and I love coaxing it into my interior projects in poetic ways.”

TIM CAMPBELL (Pointed Leaf Press, $75).

The House that Pinterest Built

“When you’re a dreamer you need to be lucky. I’ve been a dreamer all of my life. I’ve moved from one dream to another, and another and another…all in the name of a house. And I can tell you this. I was lucky with The House That Pinterest Built.”

DIANE KEATON (Rizzoli New York, $65).

Poetry of Place

“In the land of abundant Golden State sun, the task is to manipulate it. Natural shadows and dappled patterns need architectural and landscaping assistance to allow a house to hold and celebrate both dark and light.”

BOBBY McALPINE (Rizzoli New York, $55).

An Eye for Beauty

“The alfresco component of California living is present in every design directive here; harnessing the light quality for each space and access to the outdoors is always my first priority.”

BETH WEBB (Rizzoli New York, $50).

Outside In

“The area of California that we find most inspiring is the Santa Barbara coast, which has rolling hills that draw straight to the ocean and majestic oaks. It’s the purest expression of ‘true’ California—the convergence of the north and south.”