Poolhouse Panache

“To address them, Tichenor's ‘big idea’ was ‘to establish the severe lineal elements of the swimming pool and poolhouse, then blur the edge of the hill with plants like wild grasses in order to lead the eye to the treescape and vistas beyond,’ a sweep that encompasses the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Santa Monica Mountains on a the other.”

2020-03-04T12:58:24-08:00July , 2006|

Dog Day Afternoons

“‘With the pool right behind the house, there was nothing to walk to on the hill where the primary views are,’ says Brian Tichenor. They started by relocating the pool and exchanging its awkward pill shape for a clean rectangle with a rill at one end and the pavilion at the other.”

2020-03-04T13:23:04-08:00August , 2003|
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